Our classroom celebration of Batman Day was a huge success! The kids enjoyed wearing their favorite superhero costumes! Not only did we have fun, but the students also learned a lot! We watched a couple episodes of Adam West’s Batman and compared it to the Batman Animated series. We read a couple comics to search for hidden symbols in the text and pictures.

Much of the day was full of literature and studying the English language. But, we did take time for math and science. For math we did different activities that engaged the students in learning. If you ask, I am sure your child would love to tell you about it!

For science we created our very own bat signal! We started with Legos, figuring out the exact design. We then inserted a light bulb from Christmas lights to give off an awesome glow!

Lastly, I want to thank all the parents for contributing to the success of this day. All the snacks and drinks throughout the day helped make it incredible!

Much Thanks,

Mr L


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