Technology Statement

There is no longer a question as to if technology will affect the classroom, but rather the question is how do teachers use technology effectively in the classroom. With new phones, tablets, and several other computing systems coming out monthly, there is no way for a teacher to keep up on all the latest trends. However, teachers can help their students keep up to date with the latest technologies by incorporating them in the classroom. By exposing students to a variety of technologies, they will be prepared to enter college with a sound knowledge on technology. It is becoming essential for students to learn how to use a tablet correctly. While that seems like a simple thing for those of us who have been exposed to tablets for years now, some students are not given the same opportunity. Their living circumstances may not be as fortunate as their peers. By allowing students a chance to play around with these technologies, they will feel more confident when they come across the technology in the workplace.

Before I incorporate new technologies into my classroom, I will use RAT (replace, amplify, transform) model to judge new technologies. With so many new technologies being released, teachers need to have a model to compare technologies. By using RAT, I can judge what I feel will be appropriate in the classroom compared to other technologies that simply hinder the learning experience. I will never use a technology in my classroom that I have not worked through thoroughly on my own, using RAT as my model. Classroom time is not the right time to experiment with new technology. Teachers should spend time outside the classroom to work on these new technologies.

My classroom will use technology effectively because I will assess different technologies with the RAT model. Because I use this, I will weed out the technology that will only hinder my students’ learning experience.